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I Can’t Stand My Orthotic Foot Supports– What Can I Do?

Dr. Gary Prant DPM Arbor Foot Health Center Almost every day people show up in my office with orthotics they just can’t wear. Some of these were made by doctors who claim that they are experts in making orthotics, and I … Continue reading

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Everybody Sells Orthotics but Few Adjust Them

Dr. Gary Prant DPM Arbor Foot Health Center Several times a week people come into my office complaining about either a custom orthotics or an over-the-counter shoe insert. Usually the story goes that they spent a considerable amount of money … Continue reading

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FAQ: Do I really need expensive custom orthotics?

Often the answer is no. Many people purchase shoe inserts from Dr. Scholl’s or even from Costco. And if you have a minor foot problem these can often do the job. But more often these inserts are a waste of … Continue reading

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Dr. Prant’s Shoe Tips

Do your shoes feel great when you slip them on in the morning, but pinch by the end of the day?  Do you ever wonder why different shoes of the same size don’t fit the same?  Dr. Gary Prant DPM … Continue reading

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Barefoot Running in Austin: Comments from a Podiatrist

Barefoot running is one of the latest fads in the exercise world, and in Austin, where our residents are fans of outdoor activity; I am often asked my opinion on this controversial subject. In brief: There are too few studies … Continue reading

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