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Fungal Toenails Treated with Laser and KeryFlex

Dr. Gary Prant The problem with every treatment for fungus toenails is that you have to wait for the healthy toenail to grow out to have your nails look really decent. While it’s true that when we “debride” the toenail … Continue reading

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A New Treatment for Stubborn Heel Pain

Most heel pain can be cured without surgery. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet for heel pain. Many times heel pain treatment consists of many different types of treatments and each treatment contributes a little bit. Sometimes taping of the … Continue reading

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Too Much of a Good Thing?

There was an interesting article recently in the New York Times entitled “Big Baby, Smart Kid.” The article notes that about half of all births in the United States are hastened by either drugs or surgery which is approximately double … Continue reading

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The Blow Dryer-Athlete’s Foot Connection

When you have been in practice for some time you start getting feedback from your patients.  It is very interesting to hear what sticks with patients and also to hear what advice you offer is actually useful for your patients. … Continue reading

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High Deductibles Are Not The Answer!

There are many things that can be done to improve the American healthcare system; high insurance deductibles are not one of them.
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Virtually Painless Heel Pain Injections

By Dr. Gary Prant I volunteer at a clinic some Friday afternoons and had an unusual experience recently. There was a patient who had very acute heel pain and really needed an injection for this problem; however they were extremely … Continue reading

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I Can’t Stand My Orthotic Foot Supports– What Can I Do?

Dr. Gary Prant DPM Arbor Foot Health Center Almost every day people show up in my office with orthotics they just can’t wear. Some of these were made by doctors who claim that they are experts in making orthotics, and I … Continue reading

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