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Fungal Toenails Treated with Laser and KeryFlex

Dr. Gary Prant The problem with every treatment for fungus toenails is that you have to wait for the healthy toenail to grow out to have your nails look really decent. While it’s true that when we “debride” the toenail … Continue reading

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An Ugly Laser for Beautiful Toenails

By Dr. Gary Prant At Arbor Foot Health Center, we have three lasers in our office. Two are reasonably attractive pieces of equipment. The third, an ugly duckling laser, has a design that only an engineer could love. The machine … Continue reading

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I “Won” a Heart CT Scan

By Dr. Gary Prant About five years ago in a silent auction for a charitable organization, I bid on and won a Heart Saver CT Scan. The test cost $100 – all of which went to the charitable organization. What … Continue reading

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A New Treatment for Stubborn Heel Pain

Most heel pain can be cured without surgery. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet for heel pain. Many times heel pain treatment consists of many different types of treatments and each treatment contributes a little bit. Sometimes taping of the … Continue reading

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Office Surgery – A Forgotten Art?

By Dr. Gary Prant DPM Not so long ago to practice of podiatry was almost exclusively an office practice.  Podiatrists were not on medical staffs and when they were they could not do surgery in the hospital or day surgery. … Continue reading

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Would You Run a Marathon In Flip Flops?

By:  Dr. Gary Prant, DPM Some headlines are fun, some headlines are disturbing, some headlines are fascinating and some just cause you to scratch your head. This was a head scratcher! This past Saturday, a runner named Keith Levasseur, completed … Continue reading

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Instant Relief for Gout Pain

By: Dr. Gary Prant, DPM                                                                                                                     Arbor Foot Health Center It is one of the most gratifying things when you can almost be a magician when you are really a podiatrist!  An acute gout attack is one of those times. An acute … Continue reading

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