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FAQ-What can I do myself about my painful neuroma?

Actually a lot! There are a few simple things that you can do to help reduce the pain of a neuroma. Wear a wide, well cushioned shoe. Neuromas are most painful when the foot is squeezed into a tight shoe. Avoid  going barefoot. … Continue reading

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FAQ- Why did my fungal toenails come back after they were cured?

My toenails used to look perfect now they are thick, ugly and discolored again! The answer? Fungus is all around us. Our toenails are constantly under attack from fungus in our shoes, in our showers, in gyms and anywhere that … Continue reading

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FAQ: Do I really need expensive custom orthotics?

Often the answer is no. Many people purchase shoe inserts from Dr. Scholl’s or even from Costco. And if you have a minor foot problem these can often do the job. But more often these inserts are a waste of … Continue reading

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