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What To Do When Your Great Toenail Comes Off, or Is Loose.

By: Dr. Gary Prant, DPM In a few words: very little.  Try to keep the nail in place for as long as possible.  If it is not painful and there is not blood or pus coming from underneath the nail, … Continue reading

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Would You Run a Marathon In Flip Flops?

By:  Dr. Gary Prant, DPM Some headlines are fun, some headlines are disturbing, some headlines are fascinating and some just cause you to scratch your head. This was a head scratcher! This past Saturday, a runner named Keith Levasseur, completed … Continue reading

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Instant Relief for Gout Pain

By: Dr. Gary Prant, DPM                                                                                                                     Arbor Foot Health Center It is one of the most gratifying things when you can almost be a magician when you are really a podiatrist!  An acute gout attack is one of those times. An acute … Continue reading

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Do you have the feet of a Princess?

Feet are definitely not a glamorous body part. And I’m okay with that. I recently read an article online about the various defects of Kate Middleton’s feet. They showed the Princess at an event in a beautiful dress with her … Continue reading

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The Latest Thinking on Toenail Fungus – October 2012

Using the Q-Clear Laser to Cure Toenail Fungus By:  Dr. Gary Prant, DPM Some people meet and discuss world peace, national security and other big ideas. I just returned from a podiatry meeting where there was a lot of discussion … Continue reading

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