High-tech solutions to heel pain

Many unfortunate people suffer from heel pain that persists despite standard treatments. If you are one, please do not think your only option is surgery. We have seen tremendous success with several noninvasive, technologically advanced treatments for heel pain for sufferers just like you.

The first and least invasive type of treatment is microcurrent therapy using the Accuscope and the Myopulse machines. This therapy helps nutrients reach the plantar fascia, allowing it to repair itself. Often, people with resistant plantar fasciitis have poor circulation in their plantar fascia. In these cases, the plantar fascia can become necrotic or – in layman’s terms – dead. The body needs new circulation to carry nutrients to the area, purging the dead tissue and repairing the living tissue.

While microcurrent therapy assists about 80 percent of patients, some require a more robust therapy, such as Radialspec shockwave therapy. The Radialspec machine is a low-energy, shock wave machine that stimulates circulation in the area of the plantar fascia. This treatment is loud and produces a strong, though rarely painful, sensation. Even so, it does not prevent you from doing your normal activities that day. The shockwave treatment is applied over a period of roughly 12 weeks and provides relief for almost 75 percent of those who do not find relief with other methods.

Both the microcurrent therapy and the shockwave therapy are covered by most insurance plans. Please ask our insurance specialist if you have questions regarding the coverage of these treatments.

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