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Ultrasound imaging of the foot and ankle

If your doctor uses only x-ray to diagnose a foot or ankle problem, he may be getting only a part of the picture. X-rays reveal the bones, but they do not show the soft tissue including the blood vessels, nerves, … Continue reading

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Treat the cause of heel pain, not symptoms

Heel pain is the most common problem seen by podiatrists. Heel pain affects people in all age groups from children to 80-year-olds. Most often, sufferers are between 30 and 60 years old, especially those who stand on their feet for … Continue reading

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High-tech solutions to heel pain

Many unfortunate people suffer from heel pain that persists despite standard treatments. If you are one, please do not think your only option is surgery. We have seen tremendous success with several noninvasive, technologically advanced treatments for heel pain for … Continue reading

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